Friday, December 11, 2009

Separatists sprinkled like sequins

"OMG, Separatists seems sprinkled in our states as plentifully as sequins upon a desi dress", Tara mused.

"Only in the outposts, dah-ling", Lola scoffed, raising her hot pink talons emphatically.

"Really?" Tara sipped her champgane, and the little festive trinket around the stem of the glass glittered in Swarovski shimmer in the dim lights of the trinket laden Christmas tree.

The room around them eddied as usual with Mumbai's best dressed and best groomed. Ananya and Surily dresses her, Wendell and Armani Prive shirts there.

A posh duo moved towards Tara and Lola, the man's broad arm around the babe's tiny waist.

"Hello", trilled the super straight haired babe in skinny spandex dress sewn with sequins.

"How Mumbai", Lol quipped. "But lovely dress, doll."

"Thanks", cooed the babe.

"So where do you live?" asked the man, after introductions were done.

"Malabar Hill" replied Tara.

"Did you grow up there?"

"No. I grew up in Bareilly."

"Really?", the man seemed amazed. "Bareilly to Bombay, and straight to Malabar Hill?"

"Yeah, truly, you can spot outsiders from afar."

"Manoos and others, you mean?"

"No, no. Just all who grew up here and those who did not. I am a Bawa who grew up on Napean Sea Road. I always find it amazing to meet people who move into Mumbai. I find it so hard to relate to. It totally changes the nature of the city."

"There should be a law against it, or what?" laughed Tara, horrified to be hearing this in a posh living room overlooking the Arabian.

"Not a law, dear. But there's more of them in the Western suburbs, isn't it?"

"Not quite an outpost, then, Lola, is it?" Tara said, walking away, amused and outraged at this. Separatists can come in all garbs then, she thought. They can be Zegna-suited too!