Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dinner parties, such a big no-no!

Who wants to go to a dinner party? Not Tara, for sure! Who eats at parties anyway? All the la-di-da glam girls insist on soup and salad before 7m. Even the hubbies and BFs are following the steamed fish and grilled vegies in evening diet. No, the thing to do is to host and attend cocktail parties- appetizers and desserts(well, may be a teeny weeny forkful, ok?), all washed down by a shot of grey goose on water or a glass of bubbly. Didn't you know, dearies, that the fizzy tizzy has fewer calories than vino or that a shot of vodka is better than whiskey on ice? The perfect "Madly Malabar" party!

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