Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fascinated by Fascinators

'What the heck's a fascinator?', Tara mulled when she first heard the word fascinator.

Fascinating as the word seemed, it could mean anything. Like in Legal-ese, there could be the Fascinator and Fascinatee, opening up an entirely new dimension of human relationships. It could be a nouveau combo of fascist terminator, like a Chechen or Serbian fascinator.

Maddy came to the rescue again, showing Tara an ad e-tailing the eponymous items. Mini tiaras concocted out of scraps of lace, feathers, sequins, and flowers.

'What's this- Princess Di meets grunge look?', Tara queried.

'Oh you American philistine!' Maddy shook her head. 'It's the Princess Di at Ascot look! What you need to wear at the races!'

Tara shook her head in amusement. She hardly found occasions to doll up in her Indian finery in India. But when it came to the Rock Star look, the Grunge look, the Halloween look, and now even a Racing Day look, she suddenly had options!

The inner shopaholic took over. 'That tiger moth one!' she exclaimed. 'It will be perfect for my beige dress. Or perhaps...', she mused,'that amazing purple one.'

Maddy nodded at the image of a cascading confection of tulle, feathers, and Swarovski. 'I adore that purple one. I could buy a dress to match that fascinator.'

'Fascinating', giggled Tara.

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