Friday, April 8, 2011

Spidering in SoBo style

Just a delicate weave of the web, darlings, the connectedness and interconnectedness of folks, just an everyday moment of linking people, muttering through the who's who lists, mapping the dots and dashes...

Spidering... Tara mused

Forking out that scrap of white, that slip of heavy gsm, giving with one hand, receiving with another... mapping, jotting, chatting, sipping, flitting, flocking... Ah, another Mumbai day (or night)

Spidering... such a desi thing, darlings

Trotting out your wife's uncle's nephew's name or figuring out Mrs. Who's Who's friend's boss's ex-girlfriend and striking up chitter-chatter

Spidering... such an endless spate of it, babe

The automatic teller machines, the quick card Murugans, the weilders of imagined power, the flippers of the business card


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