Monday, May 25, 2009

Art Listings

I picked up Time Out Mumbai provided by the hotel staff weekly and looked through the art section. There was a long list of galleries and brief descriptions of current exhibits. There were columns and columns of fine print, talking of ‘paintings full of pain’ or ‘an allegory in paint’ or a highly abstruse ‘cameo that underlines the rigour and selfless love of a devotee’ or even canvases that were described as ‘highly sexualised and titillating’. That was a whole morning there. Several mornings, in fact! There were emotions to suit very mood and colours to suit every liking.  There were graphic images, textured abstracts with surreal meaning, spattering of blood and corpses, slapdash assortment of ordinary objects, figurative delineations multiply fractured into segments. Oh good, good. 

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