Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Season Designer Wear? Never!

'Have you been to the new Ferragamo store?' Krista asked.

Talk then turned to the designer stores in town. New ones kept popping up, every so often, decadent in the dilapidated streets that housed them like little white daisies in a sun-burned lawn. The women talked about the latest store openings, and the items in stock, and how such stores compared to similar ones in Dubai or London.

'But would you really shop for designer wear in India?' one plump woman asked. 

Krista looked perplexed. 'As long as its new season stuff...' She said, giving a disdainful shudder, as if last season's designer wear were contagions that could wreak havoc on her internal systems.

Right! Comments had been popping in my mind. Trunk shows of last season's designs. Designer sales. Popping overseas to go to designer outlet malls. So very undiscerning. 

'Let's go shopping together one day', I told Krista instead.

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