Monday, May 25, 2009

The best way to collect art

I found myself next to a busty young woman with the most amazing waterfall of diamonds in her ears and whorls of it around her fingers.

'I cannot imagine being forty.' She sighed dramatically, and I spied at her. She looked well above thirty. Forty could not be so far away. But then, it just might be the weight.

'Lola has a great taste in art, doesn’t she?' I said conversationally, changing the topic.

'Oh, it’s OK', replied the busty woman.

OK? I was amazed by the lacklustre response. 'You must be quite a collector then!'

'Yes.' She was casually offhand. 'Hussain, Souza, Anjolie Ela Menon, Gujral, Raza. We have them all at our place.'

Wow, she was some collector. I needed to know her.

'My grandmother started me off with a few pieces', she said. 'Then I started collecting myself.'

Inheritance, the best way to collect, for sure! 

Not that it didn’t matter in America if your name had a numeral at the end of it or you had a three generation history with Wesleyan, but here it appeared to matter just that bit more. She was exactly the type of client who I needed to tap into for my art business. I told her about my art gallery. 


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