Monday, May 25, 2009

Friendships don't sway readerships

Next afternoon, I got copies of the local dailies to check if Rimli's art exhibition got a mention. Some of her paparazzi friends had attended the opening event last night.

No such luck. These paparazzi pressmen! Friendships don’t sway readerships, faces of society darlings do. So Poor Rimli was given the invisibility treatment. Instead, there were many lovelies gracing the back page, buying Tarun Tahiliani ghaghras and attending Fendi bag sales. 

In the middle of these photos, I saw a familiar face. The caption read, ‘Auctioneer Roy Jordan with VJ Rinky Dink in a private party at a newly opened South Mumbai night club’. Plastered on him was a gorgeously endowed la-di-da gal in a plunging necked red dress. There was also a one-line item which stated that Roy Jordan was planning a private sale of a newly discovered Amrita Sher-Gil.

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