Monday, May 25, 2009

Without a Decorator?

‘Congratulations, darling’, Lola gave me a hug. She was there to help us celebrate our new home in Mumbai. ‘Now you must get an interior decorator.’

‘What?’ I splutter over my Moet. ‘But it’s just a rental.’

‘You cannot be thinking of doing it yourself?’ Lola looked aghast, and each hot-tonged curl on her head shook and shivered in just-from-the-salon whirl of vehemence. “Why, there will be curtains to source, knick knacks to order, wall colours to choose from, furniture to order, trades people to deal with!”

Lola, I see, has been totally brain washed by the Indian way of life: Madam to Staff ratio of one to twenty. At least!

Not that curtain makers quite counted as staff, but having a decorator in the middle seemed the only way to deal with them!

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