Sunday, May 24, 2009

You moved- yea heavens- 2 kilometres?

The desi blonde gave her sleek mane a shake, and said, 'I'm still finding my way here. I moved to Napean Sea Road after getting married. I had lived all my life on Peddar Road, you know.' She spoke confidingly.

No, I don't know.

I almost burst into laughter, then controlled myself, nodding sagely, 'Yes, its tough to move.'

'Yes, all the little things you get used to- the corner shop, the nearby laundryman, your favorite snack shop. It's like a world away...' She elaborated. Her diamond hoops shone like circlets of white fire.

It reminded me of a trip I had taken across the Eastern states in the US, when in the middle of nowhere, a roadside signboard proclaimed in an advertisement, 'From Bedford to Buffalo, the entire world uses our products.' The entire world? I had laughed then.

Now I looked amazed at this posh woman in this teeming city- considered to be the melting pot of India, and indeed, one of the melting pots of the globe- who thought a 2 kilometre move was a world away?


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