Monday, May 25, 2009

Just another road intersection

Heat sidled up the charcoal sidewalks and congested roads at Kemps Corner in a dense moist waver. I was already running late, but traffic stood still. I was stuck. Eunuchs knocked on the car window promising good fortune in exchange for some paise. A raggedy flower seller wove amid traffic and knocked on the window offering wilting lilies. I ignored them all, and focused on a book in my hand. Another knock rattled against the window- this time a filthy child slinging a filthier naked baby on its back is asking for pity money. I moved my eyes away, but the snot-nosed, large-eyed skinny baby got to me. I slid down the window and hot waves doused the coolness inside in the few seconds I took to hand out a few rupees.

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