Monday, May 25, 2009

D for Diamonds, R for Recompense

On the way back from the Customs Warehouse, on sudden whim I told the driver to take a detour via Hughes Road and stopped at a big jewellery store. Raj should have been there today. Why must I face hardships while he gallivanted the world in business class? Anger coursed through me. Retribution? No. Recompense- that was the word. 

Telling my heart to stop beating so hard in the alien terrain of a sparkly, heavily guarded jeweller’s salon, I walked up to one lit glass counter and ask for the price of a filigree bracelet studded with diamonds. The salesman mentioned a large five-digit number. I exhaled sharply, and with clammy fingers wielded my credit card, and walked out feeling immensely calm. Tomorrow I may panic about this unplanned rash purchase. But today, right then, I was deeply, supremely unperturbed.

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